Wear a Knit Sweater Dress This Spring to Cool Off

There is nothing sexier than the combination of a gorgeous sweater dress and a pair of knitted, slouchy jeans. However, this doesn’t always work. If your sweater dress doesn’t fit properly or it doesn’t fit at all, then it might be time to update your style. Here are some tips on how to update your wardrobe with some killer knitted sweaters.

As you probably know, some sweater dresses are very loose, which makes a huge hole in the midsection. Also, the wider the knit, the more like a pair of knobbly boots it will be. If you find yourself losing your form, cinch your sweater dress with an empire waist belt. Also, remember that the neckline might be too restricting. It might not flatter your face, your neck and shoulders, or your upper body. Try on a few different styles with these ideas in mind so you can see which ones flatter you best.

One easy way to add interest to a sweater dress without making it look like a sweater dress is to wear a pair of knee-high boots. There are many ways you can incorporate boots into your sweater dresses without looking too strange. For example, if you have longer legs than your knees, you could wear boot-cut leggings underneath your sweater dress and pair of your boots with a long-sleeved cardigan over your dress. This way, you will look less like a Christmas tree and more like a mumbling vagrant.

Pairing knee-high boots with sweater dresses can also look rather cute. Just remember to pair your boots with something comfortable, like a plain t-shirt. If you are wearing a sleeveless, or backless dress, then skip the boots. They will only take attention away from your beautiful neckline.

Another option would be to pair your knee-high boots with a long-sleeved, sleeveless sleeve sweater dress. It is not uncommon to see girls wearing sleeveless, backless, or sleeveless sleeve sweater dress to work or play. For a special occasion, you can always coordinate the color and style of your sweater dress with that of your socks, shoes, or accessories. You can go with a white, cream, or grey sleeveless sleeve sweater dress, a grey, cream, or white backless sweater dress, or a white, cream, or grey sleeveless sleeve sweater dress.

You can also wear your knit sweater dress with cute boots. It will just take some imagination and a lot of fun. You can buy a plain, long-sleeved sweater dress, then pair it with cute, short boots. Or you can buy a sleeveless sweater dress and then pair it with a pair of knee-high boots. The possibilities are endless.