Types of Knit Sweater Patterns

Knit sweater patterns and designs for babies and young children are the most popular items on a knitter’s market. Why is this? It’s simple; knitting has become popular and acceptable in our world today. A knitter who creates something with their own hands, using their own hands, makes a statement about themselves. A knitter who crafts something, using their own hands shows that they can do whatever they set their minds to. Today, being a knitter is considered a desirable trait.

Today, there are a number of options available for those who choose to knit sweaters. There are magazines dedicated to knitting patterns, books, websites, classes… With such a wide variety of knitting materials and techniques available today, the opportunities for variety are almost endless. From simple cable knit sweaters, to cardigan sweaters, there is a design out there that will fit the taste of every knitter. Here are some popular choices, featuring some of the most commonly used knitting patterns used by knitters.

Cables are a classic design for sweater sweaters and baby blankets. They are circular or flat and consist of several sections of twisted, intermingled cables that lie parallel to each other. Some of the most common cables are knit from double-knit or cable knit fabrics. Those made from cables, because they have a unique appearance, have been called a sweater design by some. Whether it’s a cable sweater worn around the neck or a cardigan used as an undergarment, this design is popular and always worth checking out.

A round-necked sweater would look beautiful with a plaid patterned cardigan. When the sweater is worn round the neck, the plaid pattern is even more pronounced, making for an attractive look. In addition to the classic round-neck look, a plaid cardigan could be emblazoned with a variety of patterns. If the cardigan was in the front rather than the back, it would also be embroidered with motifs such as buttons, lace, beads, birds or flowers.

Many sweaters feature an in-the-round pattern where stitches alternate back and forth between the top-down and front-back stitches. A very popular version of this pattern is the cable sweater, which uses short repeats of cable stitches on the front and back (instead of long repeats like with a typical cabled cardigan) to create a loosely woven fabric that drapes around the body. The sweater can either be left open (noted), with the collar showing, or closed with the collar folded down, creating a V-neck.

A lot of women choose to wear a cardigan over a sweater because it doesn’t show any lines, and it can easily be worn with jeans and t-shirt. Knitting is great because you can literally make an unlimited number of variations on a single pattern. It takes a bit of practice, but once you’ve mastered the basics of knitting, you’ll be ready to start making your own knitted sweaters! There’s really no need to buy one if you can find a great pattern for free, or even borrow one!